Contemporary Realist Painter

I am a maverick in the art scene, representing myself for close to forty years. I paint only those subjects I feel will result in my best work.

My approach is a collaboration with my subjects. It encourages and allows them to present themselves as they see themselves and as they are.

This process results in a work that can be personal as well as a highly collectible contemporary realist painting. I incorporate the past with the present in my innovative, realistic portraits.

“Dear Sylvia – It's me! I was so surprised – of course you knew my portrait was hanging in the Art Museum and I was taken there to see it before Chirstmas. It's now in our house and a big hit. Truly, truly I love it. You're a genius!”

KS, Corpus Christi, Texas

Hi Sylvia – The article in Town and Country is wonderful. Recognition should come your way because of the special talent and heart your work has to offer. The C--- Family thinks you are the best and thank you for being a part of our life. Love,

Ed and Sandy

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